Missouri Customer Service Partnership

The Missouri Customer Service Partnership program provided customer service and employability skills training to students, ages 17-21, who are in foster care or the Division of Youth Services in the State of Missouri.  This program was a partnership between Community Partnership of the Ozarks and Ozarks Technical Community College.  The training occurred at Ozarks Technical Community College for 10-weeks.  During those 10-weeks, students earned 6 college credits and tested for 3 certifications: National Career Readiness Certification, National Retail Federation Customer Service and Sales Certification and Microsoft Digital Literacy Certification.  After students completed the training, we provided at least 12 months of supportive services in the community, which include:

  • Job search assistance – our program goal is to have all students  “gainfully” employed in the next 12 months
  • Assistance with applying to post-secondary education or trade schools
  • Assistance with accessing educational funds available to youth who are in foster care
  • Meetings twice monthly that focus on employability or life skills
  • Mentoring with a volunteer from the community or directly with the Supportive Services Coordinator
  • Resource referral to other support agencies
  • Financial assistance with items, such as phone cards, utility assistance, bus passes and others related to employment barriers
  • Weekly contact with the Supportive Services Coordinator
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring in a group setting
  • Budgeting education

As the MCSP program reaches completion, we continue to provide supportive services to the participating students. For more information about the MCSP program, contact Amanda Coleman at acoleman@cpozarks.org.