Triple P – Positive Parenting Program

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is an evidence-based parent education program developed in Australia. In 2009, the CDC funded a population-level study of Triple P in North Carolina. This trial provided Triple P services in nine counties and nine control counties. They measured the rates of child abuse and neglect, along with hospital visits attributed to abuse and neglect. The study showed a significant reduction of child abuse and neglect in counties practicing Triple P. The number of hospital visits was also reduced.

There are five levels to Triple P. Level One – Stay Positive Campaign: Its goal is to reduce the stigma related to asking for parenting help and also increase awareness of the Triple P program in Greene County. Level Two – Seminars: Designed for parents with children in two age categories: 0-12 and 12-16. They are two hours long, including time for questions, and focus on broad topics such as Raising Resilient Children and Raising Competent Teenagers. Level Three – Primary Care: Designed to focus on a specific topic parents are struggling with, such as disobedience, rudeness and disrespect. This intervention takes place over four contacts with parents. Two are in person and two can be conducted via telephone. This level can also be delivered in group format for multiple parents. Level Four – Standard: Deals with more severe problems and takes place over 10 weeks. This is a more intensive intervention for parents. Level Five – Parent Behaviors: Typically a parent has completed or is in the process of completing level four intervention. This level allows parents to examine their anger or negative attributions for their child’s behavior.

Triple P in Greene County is being used by 95 different practitioners. They come from 17 different agencies located all through the county. They are practicing at levels 2-5, in multiple settings such as doctor’s offices, private practices, schools and social service agencies. The goal of the Greene County Triple P Project is to reduce child abuse and neglect rates by 20% by 2020. This may seem like a lofty goal but given the results from other studies, we feel that it is attainable. The community has rallied around this initiative, as demonstrated by the number of collaborative partners involved and plans to attack the problems of child abuse and neglect with rigorous efforts. Triple P is being offered in Greene County thanks to a generous grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health.

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