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For more than 25 years, Community Partnership has been a trusted leader, a catalyst for change, and a valued resource for solving issues in Springfield and the surrounding region.  We are the “go to” organization when there is an emerging issue that needs to be addressed–we bring people together to discuss issues and then work together to create solutions.

Working in 23 counties in Southwest Missouri, we create opportunities for communication, cooperation, and collaboration, and reduce duplication by emphasizing the sharing of resources.  Our diversity of programming and services–after school clubs and academic enrichment, parent involvement, early childhood, housing and homeless prevention, social work and crisis intervention, parent education, substance use and violence prevention, financial literacy, youth mentoring, and neighborhood revitalization–allows us to address community issues in a holistic manner.

We have a talented and passionate staff, a strong board of community leaders, and committed volunteers who have helped us develop a track record of success, leverage resources, and create positive change for children, families, and communities in our region.

As stated by one of our “founding fathers,” Charlie O’Reilly of O’Reilly Auto Parts, “Resources are so limited…our communities must work to grow and coordinate and focus their efforts to improve the lives of those who need help – Community Partnership is leading this effort.”


One of the easiest ways to donate is

through a financial contribution.

Did you know for every Caring

Communities dollar received, we

leverage another $10.52?

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Each year, thousands of volunteers

help us serve the community in

different ways, including Homeless

Prevention, Youth Mentoring,

Neighborhood Cleanups, Free

Income Tax Preparation, and

More! They are the lifeblood of

our work, and we couldn’t

achieve positive, measurable

outcomes without them.


When you tell others about the

positive impact of Community

Partnership of the Ozarks, you

are advocating to create the

community we all want to

live in. So please keep learning,

and continue sharing all of the

great things we’ve accomplished

together because of your support!