Responsible Beverage Service Support Program

The Responsible Beverage Service Support Program is a free, voluntary program available to Greene County alcohol retailers. It was developed by the Underage Drinking Task Force and Ozarks Fighting Back Coalitions to meet two goals:

1) To recognize Greene County alcohol retailers who implement effective Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) practices

2) To decrease alcohol availability to minors

 Benefits to Participating Businesses:

  • Increased community awareness that your business is dedicated to helping decrease underage drinking and related consequences, thus making it more appealing for community members to shop at your business compared to other alcohol retailers not showing the same dedication to the safety of our youth;
  • Verification and validation that your business implements effective RBS practices; and
  • Support from prevention experts and other alcohol retailers to help you implement even more RBS practices, if needed.

Benefits to Our Youth and Community:

  • Decreasing alcohol availability to minors is proven to help reduce underage drinking and related consequences to youth like drug abuse, sexual assaults, suicide, and problems at school;
  • Parents become empowered to follow your lead and encourage their kids not to drink alcohol, further decreasing availability of alcohol to minors; and
  • Community norms once favorable towards underage drinking start to change to a culture where underage drinking is not acceptable.

How does this program work?

  • A retailer registers to participate in the RBS Support Program.
  • A list of evidence-based RBS strategies is provided to the retailer.
  • The retailer completes an assessment to identify which RBS strategies the business currently implements or agrees to implement within an identified time period.
  • The retailer submits the completed assesment, which is then reviewed by the RBS Support team.
  • The RBS Support Team shares 1 to 3 of the following responses with the retailer:
    1. Verification is needed for 1 or more of the selected RBS strategies;
    2. The retailer is confirmed to have reached 1 of 3 RBS Certification Levels (Bronze, Silver or Gold) based on assessment results;
    3. If Gold Level is not yet reached, a plan is provided that includes additional RBS strategies which the retailer needs to implement to qualify for the Gold Level.

Businesses Reaching Gold Level Certification to Date

Falstaff’s Local – 311 Park Central West

Brown Derby International Wine Center – 2023 S. Glenstone Ave.

Brown Derby #5 – 2256 E. Chestnut Expressway

Brown Derby #6 – 2845-A W. Chestnut Expressway

Brown Derby #8 – 1703 E. Seminole

Brown Derby #10 – 1380 E. Republic

Brown Derby #17 – 3340 E. Sunshine

Brown Derby #19 – 3543 S. Campbell

Brown Derby #20 – 1839 E. Bennett

Brown Derby #24 – 506 S. National

Brown Derby #25 – 2047-A S. Campbell

Brown Derby #30 – 1440 W. Republic

How do we sign up to participate and what happens after we sign up?