Safe & Sanitary Homes

The Springfield Fire Department, in partnership with Community Partnership of the Ozarks’ Safe & Sanitary Homes Collaborative, conducted this side-by-side burn to demonstrate the dangers of hoarding in the home. The rooms are built identically. However, the room on the left has excessive clutter. The room on the right is well kept and uncluttered. Firefighters light a fire in the back of the rooms to demonstrate the difference in fire development between the rooms.


Our Mission is to ensure the health and safety of all citizens and first responders by educating and empowering our community to address and alleviate hoarding and unsanitary living conditions.


  • To educate the general public about how to live in a safe and sanitary environment throughout the prevention, identification and mitigation of hoarding and severe squalor situations
  • To provide families and caregivers of hoarders and those living in severe squalor with resources and tools to begin to take steps to identify and mitigate the problem.
  • To create a process to assist those suffering from hoarding and/or severe squalor to identify and mitigate the problem.
  • To provide families, emergency responders and visiting professionals to the home with tools and training to address situations of hoarding and severe squalor.
  • To create a referral process for those wishing to seek assistance or those hoping to assist someone suffering from hoarding and/or severe squalor.