Helping Everyone Learn Prevention

The HELP (Helping Everyone Learn Prevention) Series offers a growing selection of educational videos. The series is designed to educate parents, youth and community members, as well as help build community coalitions’ capacity on a variety of substance use prevention topics and gain tips and strategies to prevent youth from turning to drugs and violence.

Each HELP Series video focuses on a specific topic of interest based on needs identified in our 21-county service area. Videos are created and produced regularly, so be sure to check back consistently for new information.

Newest HELP Videos

HELP – Pills to Heroin: A Problem within Reach

HELP – Electronic Cigarettes & Vaping

HELP – Human Trafficking (Awareness & Prevention)

HELP – SOS (Signs of Suicide) Prevention Program

HELP – Why Prevent Underage Drinking?

HELP – Youth Medication Misuse

HELP – Youth Marijuana Use Prevention (Short Version)

HELP – Green Dot – Campus Bystander Intervention Program

HELP – Bullying for Parents

HELP – Bullying for Students

HELP – Underage Drinking

HELP – Heroin Prevention & Awareness

HELP – Coalition Leadership

HELP – Advocacy

HELP – Understanding Coalitions

HELP – Youth Marijuana Use Prevention

HELP – Talking to Your Kids

HELP – Dangers of Meth Labs

HELP – Synthetic Cannabinoids (Part 1)

HELP – Synthetic Stimulants (Part 2)

HELP – Methamphetamine:  What’s Cooking In Your Neighborhood?

HELP – History of Substance Abuse

HELP – Role of a Prevention Specialist

HELP – Generation RX

HELP – Youth Mental Health First Aid

HELP – 7 Components of SPF: Assessment

HELP – 7 Components of SPF: Capacity Building

HELP – 7 Components of SPF: Planning

HELP – 7 Components of SPF: Implementation

HELP – 7 Components of SPF: Evaluation