Job Opportunities

Current Full-Time Opportunities

We currently do not have any full-time positions available. Please check back regularly for updates. Thank you!

Current Part-Time Opportunities

The Loop Shuttle Driver

Deadline to Apply: Open until filled.

Job Summary: The Loop Shuttle Driver provides transportation assistance for Springfield’s crisis cold weather shelters when temperatures drop to 32 degrees. Shuttle drivers will be called on an as needed basis to provide transportation services to the shelter in the evening, then provide transportation in the morning for guests returning to the local drop in shelter.   The 2018 Crisis Cold Weather Shelter for men is located at East Sunshine Church of Christ.

Reporting and Evaluation Structure: The Loop Shuttle Driver will report to the Vice President of Housing and Homeless Prevention.

Position Requirements:

  • License or Certification – Shuttle Drivers must have a valid MO driver’s license (Class E);
  • High School Diploma or equivalency preferred;
  • Good visual acuity and ability to communicate;
  • Ability to lift, lower, push, pull, and retrieve objects weighing a minimum of 30 pounds;
  • Reasonable assistance may be requested when lifting, pushing, and/or pulling are undertaken which exceeds these minimum requirements;
  • Experience working with those who are homeless or at high risk for homelessness is preferred;
  • Maintains confidentiality of guests;
  • Adheres to the company’s Standards of Business Conduct;
  • Maintains current licensure and/or certifications, if applicable;
  • Ability to speak, read, write, and communicate effectively;
  • Ability to coordinate, analyze, observe, make decisions, and meet deadlines in a detail-oriented manner. – Ability to work independently without supervision.
  • Outdoor exposure. – Shuttle drivers will be transporting guests to crisis cold weather shelters during extreme cold and inclement weather.
  • May work under stressful circumstances at times.
  • May be required to work weekdays and/or weekends, evenings and or night shifts if needed to meet community need. – May be required to work on religious and/or legal holidays on scheduled days/shifts. – Will be required to work as necessary during crisis cold weather shelter season November through March.
  • May be required to perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Position Clarification: The Loop Shuttle Driver position is a grant funded position.  Shuttle drivers will be called on an as needed basis up to 29.5 hours per week.  The drivers will provide transportation services to the shelter in the evening, then provide transportation in the morning for guests returning to the local drop in shelter.  This is a grant funded position and is based upon funding availability.

Submit cover letter and resume online. No phone calls, please! Community Partnership of the Ozarks is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Childcare Worker

Deadline to Apply: Ongoing

Job Summary: This is an as-needed position that supports families participating in Community Partnership of the Ozarks’ programming by providing childcare in conjunction with select community presentations, events, and/or training.  This position promotes high quality early care and education by caring for children in a childcare setting while parents/guardians are on-site.

Reporting Structure: The Childcare Worker will report to the Director of Caring Communities.

Evaluation: The Director of Caring Communities, following adopted policies of Community Partnership of the Ozarks and United Way of the Ozarks, evaluates the Childcare worker.

Position Requirements:

  • Minimum of High School Diploma or equivalent
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Ability to pass a background screening of the Family Care Safety Registry
  • Ability to travel to various worksites throughout city of Springfield
  • Willing and able to work a flexible schedule, mostly evening and weekends
  • Possess positive interpersonal skills, be organized, enthusiastic, self-disciplined, and reliable
  • Possess a desire to work with young children and families
  • Experience working with a wide range of children in a childcare or other supervised setting

Skills and Abilities:

  • Must demonstrate a pleasant and professional manner in dealing with children, families, community members, and staff
  • Must demonstrate high level judgment in critical situations while caring for multiple children
  • Ability to manage multiple children with appropriate, positive non-punitive discipline techniques
  • Able to communicate effectively – both in written and verbal forms

Essential Functions:

  • Responsible for maintaining necessary enrollment, attendance, and activity reports regarding participating children and families
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding any and all participating children and families
  • Providing a positive and engaging childcare experience for all children in childcare
  • Other duties as assigned

Position Clarification: The position of Childcare Worker is a grant-funded position and is based upon funding availability.  This is as-needed position and hours are not guaranteed. Submit cover letter and resume onlin. No phone calls, please! Community Partnership of the Ozarks is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Communications Assistant Internship (Unpaid/Volunteer Position)

Deadline to Apply: Ongoing

Job Summary:   The Communications Assistant will work with the Office of Communications to meet deadlines for multiple projects and assist the Director of Communications (DOC) in delivering the mission, vision, and values of Community Partnership of the Ozarks. Reporting Responsibilities:  The Communications Assistant reports to the Director of Communications or the management team in the event of the DOC’s absence. Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Post content to the organization’s multiple websites
  • Post content to the organization’s social media networks
  • Assist in the design of posters, flyers, and various other forms of print advertising
  • Assist in the scripting, shooting, editing and overall production of video projects
  • Attend planning meetings with the DOC
  • Ability to work with people from all socio-economic levels and backgrounds
  • Adhere to the values set forth by Community Partnership of the Ozarks and understand that you may be acting as a representative for the agency at any time

Skills & Experience:   The Communications Assistant should have the following skills and experience:

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • The ability to communicate with others and show respect to their ideas and needs
  • The ability to work cooperatively with different types of personalities
  • Commitment to Community Partnership’s mission, values, and goals
  • Public speaking skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines, work both independently and within a team, and collaborate with other agencies
  • Able to manage multiple tasks/projects/programs
  • Computer and internet literate; experience with Microsoft Office, Desktop Publishing software and internet research; email communication a must;
  • Graphic design experience a plus
  • Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro is a plus
  • Experience with WordPress is a plus

Additional Information:   The Office of Communications is a fast-paced environment where duties changes from one day to the next.  Being able to think fast while staying organized is critical to the success of this department.  A normal day may include writing a press release, making web updates, designing print materials, shooting/editing/producing video series, updating social media, appearing at events held by the organization, and more.  Getting the job complete on deadline is also very important to the work that is done in this office.  If you are a self-starter and are looking for a great place to build your resume or portfolio, you are encouraged to apply. This is a non-paid, volunteer position. Community Partnership is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Social Work Internship (Unpaid/Volunteer Position)

Deadline to Apply: Ongoing

Job Summary: The Social Work Intern works (within his/her designated area) with families in need of support to help them with emotional, physical and/or financial situations that are causing discord in their families and disruptions to the child/ren success at school. Reporting Responsibilities: The Social Work Intern reports directly to Community Partnership’s Senior Social Worker. Evaluation: The Senior Social Worker, along with any other Community Partnership staff, who work directly with the intern, evaluates progress of intern. Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with families within the assigned area to help identify resources available to assist the family with their identified needs.
  • Make home visits and connect families with needed resources.
  • Identify community, business, and civic resources and opportunities for leveraging existing resources to support the needs of students and families, and the ability to network with those resources to provide the most efficient help to client.
  • Prepare written documentation of home visits, referrals, services provided and client outcomes on a monthly basis.
  • Work collaboratively with school staff to address and meet needs of students.
  • Plan and implement skill building groups with identified students in Title I school setting.
  • Plan and implement mentoring services with identified students in Title I school setting.
  • Prepare written documentation of group and individual student interactions and outcomes.
  • Assist with school based outreach programs that benefit students/families.
  • Attend staff, operational, and other community meetings as assigned/beneficial.

Essential Qualifications/skills:

  • Bachelor or Master’s level social work intern
  • Computer and internet literate
  • Good communication skills
  • Driver’s license and reliable transportation
  • Ability to travel within the community.
  • Analytical skills including critical thinking, assessing data and prioritizing information
  • Ability to work with diverse family situations

This is a non-paid, volunteer position. Community Partnership is an Equal Opportunity Employer.